Emerging African Achievers

Over centuries, Africa produced the most innovative and inspiring leaders globally, and its influence and impact have been felt across the globe.

Most talented and promising young minds in top universities within the Western world today are of African descent; however, many young Africans are deprived of opportunities that could enable them the chance to manifest their optimum potential.

Candidates with the intellect, character and potential to perhaps shape the continent of Africa one day have fallen short simply due to a lack of resources, knowledge, information, funding and access to their forerunners: those who have had great success in their chosen fields.

And despite the effort by a few organisations trying to provide support to tackle this, there remains a considerable shortage of initiatives to help Africa develop the continent’s future leaders and innovators.

About us

Emerging African Achievers is an initiative and supporting arm of the African Achievers Awards that aim to celebrate emerging African excellence and provide critical information on entrepreneurship. It will be instrumental in facilitating bursaries, internship opportunities with reputable companies and finding affordable placements in the right institutions for their respective discipline.


  • Support and celebrate emerging African Achievers.


  • Becoming the bridge between funding institutions/organisations and top emerging African achievers.

Emerging African Achievers email: emerginga@africanachievers.org